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From Philip Calvert
Cranleigh, Surrey, UK
September 2020

I've been working with financial advisers for over forty years, and from a marketing perspective, there tend to be three types of financial advice practice in the UK:
  • Those who do not want many new clients
  • Those who rely on occasional referrals, and
  • Those who take responsibility for generating leads through a variety of means
I have long accepted the existence of the first group who tend to have established practices, are working at or close to capacity and who are comfortable with that.

They have no desire to grow – with often the perceived downsides of growth outweighing any perceived benefits.

Of course there are also plenty of IFA and financial planning firms that do want to grow their client base...

Since August 1978, I've studied closely how some IFAs, advisers and financial planners can consistently attract their ideal clients, introducers and connections - almost at will - and without paying for advertising or leads. 

Finally, after working with over 38,742 financial adviser delegates from meetings, conferences and workshops around the world, I noticed a set of patterns emerging amongst those who were able to attract a predictable in-bound flow of their ideal connections - whenever they wanted...

The pattern I uncovered is the same regardless of the adviser's location, expertise, business or experience

You will know that there are many ways you can generate leads, from advertising, marketing, networking and PR.  Plus there are sites such as Unbiased and VouchedFor which also have their part to play.

I have addressed many of these approaches in my book Marketing for Financial Advice Professionals, and I have frequently highlighted the difference advisers typically experience between the popular scatter-gun approach to marketing and the typically more successful, laser-focused approach.

I have also urged caution around the hype surrounding social media and just about any marketing activity that you hear described as the ONE thing you MUST do to secure new clients.

Naturally, I don't want to fall into that trap myself, but this article does highlight a variation on an idea that is well known to be consistently successful in terms of attracting high quality new enquiries whilst simultaneously adding value to existing clients and professional introducers.

It's an idea that forms part of the patterns of behaviour I uncovered.

Until recently though it has required a reasonable amount of time and effort, not to mention cost.  

But, in the current environment I have identified a silver lining and a relatively simple way to make this happen for you.  Only a tiny handful of advisers in the UK use this approach, but they have all told me how effective it has been for them.

Would you like to learn more?
The Original Idea
The original idea was to arrange a local seminar or event at your office or in a suitable local venue.

We've all been there, done that.

And we all know that seminars (done properly) work amazingly well for financial advisers.

The event would typically promise a presentation that would attract an audience. In practice this also meant someone from the financial advice firm making a presentation – possibly with a guest speaker to add to the mix.

Typically these events involve inviting existing clients, along with prospects as well as local introducers and influencers.  In practice the aggregate costs are identified as being partly client care and partly marketing.

Although there is a proven process which can be followed, arranging seminars, workshops and client events is often more time consuming than you expect.  

You have to find and book a venue, plan the catering, promote the event, work out who will welcome your guests, deal with travel and parking, put together a compelling presentation - and so the list goes on.

And crucially you then have to follow up afterwards and establish how you will determine which are valuable leads.
Nevertheless, the results that financial advisers achieve from hosting their own seminars are often spectacular, with many financial advisers seeing conversion rates in the high eighties per cent.

Conversion = attendee who went on to become a client or an existing client who requested a meeting or referred a new client. Many advisers who run seminars and events now also charge for attendance, thus creating an entirely new revenue stream.

The New Idea...
Clearly, Covid-19 has stopped all live events for the time being, so the business world has become very accustomed to online events and meetings.

As have our clients.

In fact, I've had many financial advisers tell me during lockdown that their clients just love their online meetings!  They've enjoyed them so much that they have referred friends and family simply on the basis that their adviser now promotes meetings by Skype and Zoom.

One IFA told me that within a week of adding "Remote financial planning now available" to her LinkedIn profile, she received three new investment enquiries. 

In short, Covid-19 has had a silver lining for many financial advisers, because for the first time, consumers had a completely new way to access and experience professional financial advice.

Quite apart from the joys of supporting social distancing, it goes without saying that online events (aka webinars, webcasts etc) are significantly easier to arrange than live physical ones.

Most of the practical and logistical issues completely disappear.  

What is more, your costs could be limited either to your monthly Zoom subscription or to the cost of a good guest speaker; and even then, some will help you for free. 
And unlike just about any other marketing activity that a financial adviser can use, online events are low cost, simple to do, get predictable results, are scalable and incredibly effective.
By definition, webinars and online events attract the right attendees, there is no travel involved and the audience gets real value from an expert (that’s you).  There is also a natural next step for attendees to take.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or part of a multi-office financial advice firm, there are a number of ways you could do this, including:
  • Plan your own event based around a theme and run it on Zoom or
    one of a number of webinar platforms
  • Arrange a panel discussion that you chair or that you engage
    a specialist host to chair for you
  • Find a topic and expert speaker of interest and ask them to work with you
The first one tends to be the most popular and works very well for professional services businesses.

Whichever route you take you will still need to arrange the promotional side of things and ensure that it is sufficiently appealing to attract your target audience (clients only or prospects too).  But again, there's a process for that too.

In addition to your own website and client communications, you can also use event platforms such as Eventbrite, plus Facebook and LinkedIn which also have their own event promotion tools.

You might also want to record the event and make the recording available to those clients and prospects who cannot make it ‘live’.
What about the logistics of planning, promoting & presenting an online event for clients?
Given the startling and unique benefits of running webinars, you have to ask why more financial advisers don’t host them!

So I did I ask them, and this is what they told me:
“I’ve never even considered hosting a webinar or online event”

“It sounds really interesting, but I wouldn’t know where to start”

“What topics would my webinar cover?”

“I’ve attended webinars before, and they are always salesy”
(Wrong - It's a myth that all webinars have a sales pitch!)

“The technical side of it sounds tricky”
And then there were other questions like:
“How long should my webinar be?”

“How do I go about promoting it?”

“What will it cost me?”

“What are the different webinar formats?”

“How many people should I expect to watch my webinar?”

“What’s the best time of day to host a webinar?”

“How should I follow it up?”
In short, webinars are a proven way to attract new clients, whilst simultaneously adding huge amounts of value to existing clients.

They are inexpensive, easy to do and proven to be effective.

Isn't that great!
Your Next Step
Given the amazing array of benefits, many IFAs, planners and financial advisers have told me that they are attracted to trying out webinars, often for the very first time.

But what they really want is a helping hand to get it off the ground.

So we are going to give you that helping hand…

Join us on Thursday 1st October for The Webinar on Webinars – The Financial Adviser’s Guide to Hosting High Value Online Events.
When you join us on this unique training, here is what you’ll get:
  • Twelve reasons why webinars are great for every financial advice business
  • The five main webinar formats
  • A proven methodology to set you up for success
  • How to structure your agenda – a proven template to follow
  • Determining your goals for your webinar
  • Key points to include in your presentation (and what not to include)
  • Who should present – including the advantages and disadvantages of working with external speakers
  • Tips for keeping your audience highly engaged
  • When to present it live and when to present a pre-recording
  • How and where to promote your webinar
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • The (easy) technical requirements
  • How and when to make webinars part of your value proposition
  • Post webinar actions (must do)
  • And much more…


  • When you join us for the training, we're going to reveal A COMPLETELY NEW ONLINE LEAD GENERATION TECHNIQUE FOR FINANCIAL ADVISERS
  • This startling new online tool attracts people to your webinar AND converts attendees afterwards
  • This new online tool also attracts clients even if you're not hosting a webinar!
Who should attend this training?
If you are a financial adviser - whether sole practitioner or part of a multi-office firm - and want to attract more clients in a predictable, professional and controlled way with minimal cost, then this unique training is definitely for you.

You should also attend if you would like to learn how to use online events and webinars to add value to existing clients.

We ran an in-person pilot of this training event for financial advisers in 2019 and it was hugely popular.

Who should not attend the training?

If you are not open to new ideas for growing your business or adding value to clients and introducers, this training is probably not for you.  But most advisers find that someone else in their team will be keen to attend.

Your Host

I’m Philip Calvert and I have hosted hundreds of webinars and online events over the last twenty years...

I have presented to tens of thousands of people online around the world and have studied closely what works, what doesn't and how to use online events to attract more of your ideal clients.

When you join me on 1st October for this unique two-hour event, I will be sharing a wealth of webinar best practice as it relates to professional financial advisers.

There will be no theoretical fluff – just great content that works.

Your Investment
The live, in-person version of this presentation starts at £495, but for members of LifeTalk you can join us for only £97 for immediate bookings when you use the link below.

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Total Value: £2,324.92

But today you get all of this for just £97 for immediate bookings

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn exactly how to plan, promote and present successful online events so that you can:
  • Attract more of the clients you really want
  • Attract more high quality referrals and introductions
  • Add significant value to your existing clients
  • Strengthen relationships with professional connections
  • Attract new professional introducers
  • Enhance the value of your overall client proposition
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I'm looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Thanks in advance...
Philip Calvert

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