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What Clients & Audiences Are Saying...
Philip Calvert - International Speaker on Social Media Sales

John Hotowka

"I was recently blown away and impressed when I attended a full day masterclass Philip lead on the use of LinkedIn and Social Media. To be frank the word 'masterclass' does his session an injustice.
I'm already good with LinkedIn (or so I thought) and wanted to tweak my strategy; thanks to Philip I ended up doing a major rethink which lead to the commercial improvement of my business."
Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt
"One workshop with you, up to a quarter of
a million Euros revenue"

Frank Furness

"As an International Speaker on Sales & Social Media, I thought a knew a lot about LinkedIn. Phil spent a morning with me and opened my eyes to incredible new ways of getting exposure and bookings through LinkedIn… he is the master.
I would recommend anyone to get Phil's training to move to the next level of marketing yourself."

Sylvia Baldock

"Philip is an exceptional social media trainer.  I have benefited for his regular tips from the stage and invested in his one day workshop which provided a host of really practical and easy to implement tips. 

A recent Skype call with Phil, has once again catapulted my social media efficiency and reach into a whole new level. Endlessly patient, Phil is a true professional who is genuinely invested in helping you succeed through his incredible knowledge and expertise and the power of social media."
Alan Stevens - Past President of the UK Professional Speaking Association & the Global Speakers Federation
"I haven't seen a better speaker on LinkedIn"

Andy Lopata

"As someone who teaches LinkedIn as part of my own service offering, I'm perhaps slightly more critical when watching other specialists share their expertise...
So please take me seriously when I tell you that I participated in a full day LinkedIn workshop facilitated by Phil and walked away with a long list of action points to apply. Phil clearly knows his topic, has an in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn and social media generally and delivers with a strong degree of professionalism and authority..."

Charles Marcus - Ranked As One of Top 60 Motivational Speakers In The World

Wow!!  Excellent webinar Philip yesterday. You had my attention from the get go even at 5.00 am local time here in Toronto. Lots of great content.
The stuff on communication and writing emails was brilliant. 
Steve Hyland - Business Connections Live TV

Carole Spiers, International Motivational Speaker

"I want to thank you for your highly informative session at the PSA event. You delivered insight into using LinkedIn and your content was invaluable. Your platform skills are highly engaging and would recommend you highly to others who want to know more about the benefits of using LinkedIn as a professional tool."
"Excellent speaker, very engaging and passionate about the subject."

Elizabeth Matharu, Canon UK
"Very often, you will attend an event like this and gain a couple of useful ideas to take away and act on. I have taken away a raft of ideas to improve my web presence today and maintain it in the months and years to come. Excellent guidance across different "Social Media" platforms and beyond." 

Steve Langrick, AFH Group
"Informative and thought provoking. Phil's understanding of Social Media is extensive." 

Lisette Gibson, Unilever.
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