The revolutionary new way to personalise a prospect's visit to your website to their exact needs - and which pre-fills a fact-find...

Discover How Digital Scorecards help Financial Planners like Mike to Attract Higher Quality, Higher Converting Client Opportunities...

"As a financial planner I've been using a digital scorecard on my website, and have been blown away at the client data which it creates.  It's now an absolute must in my on-boarding process."

Mike and others use their Scorecard as a Powerful Diagnostic to Understand Each Prospect as an Individual - and to Follow Up with Personalised Messaging.

Here's How Scorecards Work for Financial Advisers


Branded & themed survey/quiz on adviser's website

Encourages engagement through the offer of real value


Prospect gets instant score & personalised report

Gives proof of the adviser's value through survey results & observations & makes them open to further discussion

Suddenly your website starts working


Adviser gets GDPR compliant data from the survey answers

Adviser now has significantly more data than through traditional lead sources


Adviser follows up with personalised messaging

Warm recipients now open & receptive to engagement with the adviser

  A tool that creates deep curiosity in your financial advice services

  Pick and choose the clients you want to work with

  Saves you significant amounts of time by pre-filling a fact-find

And suddenly, your website starts working...

Sixteen Reasons to Use Scorecards in your Financial Advice Business

1)  Personalise your website visitors' experience

Most financial advisers’ websites are not converting visitors into enquiries because they are predominantly online brochures.  Your scorecard actively encourages engagement which gives you valuable insights, facts and data to follow up.

Sample scorecard home page

2)  Not just a marketing tool but a valuable
asset of your business

Not only does a scorecard provide massive value to your website visitors, but it is also an insight-gathering tool you can use with your clients every year so that you can monitor their change in thinking over time.

3)  Do I really want to pursue this enquiry?

A recent survey suggested that when receiving a new lead or enquiry from any source, 93% of advisers rarely have sufficient information to decide whether or not to take on the client and so almost always have to make further enquiries which is time-consuming and costly.   A scorecard solves this problem at a stroke enabling you to pick and choose who you want to work with. 

Part of scorecard results page

Sample multiple-choice question

4)  Pre-fill a fact-find

When a website visitor completes the scorecard on your website, it gives financial advisers a huge amount of data before your first contact with them, enabling you to personalise your follow up.  Use your scorecard as part of your onboarding process and save huge amounts of time.

5)  Give clients exceptional value before
you ever meet them

Your scorecard is a unique step on your value ladder because it gives website visitors detailed insight into your expertise, credibility and service, which then creates deep curiosity in your broader proposition. 

Sample from a results page with traffic light scoring

6)  Everyone loves a quiz…

To be more accurate, humans love to benchmark themselves against other people or a standard set by an expert, and when a financial adviser’s scorecard invites them to discover an assessment of how well prepared for retirement they are and get a free instant report – it’s difficult for them to resist.  

7)  People aspire to do better

Having taken your scorecard, people are able to instantly see weaker areas in their planning and personal finance situation, and this spurs them on to fill in the gaps with the adviser’s help.

Example scorecard home page

Question example

8)  Data is everything - get to know 'cold prospects' when they visit your website

The idea of collecting data from prospects in the form of paper-based questionnaires so that you can personalise your follow up has worked for many of the most successful financial advisers since the 1980s.  Digital scorecards are the simple, modern way of doing the same thing with some scorecards collecting up to forty points of data on a prospect.

9)  Clients can't believe you know them so well

Financial planners are discovering that the quality of conversations they are able to have with prospects moves to a whole new level thanks to the data they have collected through their scorecard.  Clients think you're a mind reader!

Question example

Question example

10)  Wider communications

Because you are collecting data through your scorecard, you are able to spot patterns in the answers, which give you valuable insights for your newsletters, webinars, seminars and wider communications.

11)  Segment and focus

The data you collect through your scorecard gives you the opportunity to have an informed conversation with the people you most want to work with first.  Or connect your CRM system to automatically send personalised communications based on the data you have collected.

Example equity release/later life lending home page

Example question

12)  Internal training

The data you receive via your scorecards can also be used for staff training.  Teach new advisers what to look for and how best to follow up people who answer questions in different ways.

13)  Power in the niches

Yes, your scorecard is a powerful way to collect data on your prospects, but is even more effective when it focuses on a niche.  For example, if you’re a financial planner who works with (say) professional footballers, dentists or perhaps technology entrepreneurs, your scorecard will have significant appeal if it is set up specifically to focus on their unique personal finance needs.

Example niche scorecard

14)  Strengthening relationships with professional connections

Spend time showing accountants and solicitors how your scorecard works, what it does and why you are using it. Encourage them to refer all new enquiries straight to your scorecard which will position them in a good light and give you a more robust way to receive the lead.  You could even create a scorecard in collaboration with select professional connections.

15)  Encourage clients to share your scorecard

Almost everyone taking your scorecard finds it not only of great value, but intriguing, fascinating and fun.  This makes it much more likely that they will show it to their friends and colleagues – so consider putting your scorecard at the heart of your referral strategy and make it easier for them to introduce you at the earliest possible time.

Example scorecard home page

Example scorecard home page

16)  Increase the value of your business at sale

Any potential purchaser or partner will inevitably be impressed that your financial planning business has its own built-in marketing and lead generation machine. Not only that, but a machine which filters out the prospects you don’t want to work with – and without having spoken to them.

Never miss out again on being able to gather key data before you speak to a prospect for the first time

Does this New Approach work for your Financial Advice business?
  • Custom branded tool for your website
  • ​Instant personalised value for your site visitors
  • ​Attracts clients & pre-fills a fact-find
  • ​High quality data-rich leads for financial advisers
  • ​​Understand each prospect as an individual
  • ​Personalise your follow up based on real data
  • ​Segment and choose the clients you want to work with

Your Three Options

Off the Peg

  • Ready-made, ready to go live scorecard for your financial advice business
  • ​Two versions:  Life, pensions & investment or later life lending/equity release
  • Branded with your logo, contact information & regulatory statement
  • ​Branded results page with traffic light scoring
  • ​​Marketing advice for promoting your scorecard
  • ​Dashboard to monitor leads with CRM integration
  • GDPR compliant opt-in

Your Investment

£795  £374 *

Plus £29 pm (+ vat) scorecard software subscription after 14 day free trial

* Ask about special more2life discount


  • Fully bespoke scorecard build with questions tailored for your target market
  • ​Initial one to one consultancy to establish your scorecard theme and goals
  • ​​Bespoke, branded landing page with your logo, contact information & regulatory statement
  • ​Customised report page with dynamic result content and traffic light scoring
  • ​Dashboard to monitor leads with CRM integration
  • ​Personalised marketing advice to maximise the effectiveness of your scorecard
  • ​GDPR compliant opt-in

Your Investment

£1,750  £975

Plus £29 pm (+ vat) scorecard software subscription after 14 day free trial

DIY with Training

  • Ninety minute training video including full instructions on how to create and market your own GDPR compliant scorecard
  • ​Access to ready-made bank of scorecard questions
  • ​Paperback book: The Financial Adviser's Guide to Attracting Premium Quality Leads: How to use Online Scorecards to Attract Higher Quality, Higher Converting Clients

Your Investment

£395  £195

Plus £29 pm (+ vat) scorecard software subscription after 14 day free trial

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