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I've been fascinated by Social Media since 2002...  

Though back then we didn't call it 'Social Media'.  Back in the day it was known as 'Social Networking' - a subtle but important difference to what it is today.

A key characteristic of online Social Networking was/is the ability to connect and engage with people who share interests in common.  In fact, the very first B2B networking site 'Ecademy', strongly encouraged users to list their interests on their profile - not their business skills.  You've heard the expression 'People buy People' haven't you?

For me, awesome Social Media is about using online technologies to connect people around things they have in common; things they care about and the stories they share.  

So here are some of my interests and passions - in words and pictures.  If you have seen and heard me speak, you'll know that I often weave some of them into my speeches, presentations and trainings...
Philip Calvert - International Conference Speaker & LinkedIn Expert
  •  Global Travel
  •  Electric Blues & Metal
  •  Single Malts
  •  Strong Black Coffee
  •  Indian White Tea 
  •  Boogie Woogie Piano
  •  The Suffolk Coast
  •  Greek Islands
  •  Rich Red Wine
  •  Seeing Clients Happy
  •  Travel With Family
  •  Southern India
  •  French Markets
  •  Photography
  •  Space & New Technology
  •  Kickboxing & Ashtanga Yoga
English Ale
International Airports
Clients in Portugal
Northern Spain
Winters in the UK
Judas Priest
Family Fun
Clients in Bulgaria
Storm Brewing
Small Workshop
Musical Daughter
Beautiful London
Love From Trump
Waiting for the Audience
Conference in India
Podcast Recording
Chillies from Kerala
Book out Now!
Daughter Photo Bomb
With Speaker Friends
Our Cutie
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